Bothell Wa- Lost and found Pets

This section is dedicated to pets that have been lost or found in the Bothell Area.If you have lost or found a pet, please send the following information to info@BothellBlog.Net. Please include your contact information, a picture of the pet and where/when you found the pet.


January 13, 2012 Tan female Dog by Saint Brendan Catholic Church

We received a mail from a reader today mentioning they had found a dog around 01/13/12, by St.Brendans Church. The lost female dog is tan, possibly Havanese and around 1 year old.

We have asked the Bothellite to send over a picture of the canine as soon as possible.

If you think this might be your dog, give the Bothell Blog an email at info (at) bothellblog.NET.


August 13, 2011 Dog Found by Bothell Post Office

lost dog found in Bothell Wa. "Found this little dog at 6:00 PM on 08-12-11 on Ross Road, above the Post Office in downtown Bothell. 

Very friendly and freshly groomed, black collar with no tags.  He is neutered and possibly a shih tzu mix; mostly dark gray with some tan. 

Call Bothell Pet Hospital (425-486-3251) for details.