Bothell Non-Profits and Education

Bothell has a number of non-profits that are doing some great work in our community. Working with a non-profit can do a number of great things for our communit and supporting and donating to a Bothell non-profit has a number of advantages

  • Helps build a strong, LOCAL community
  • Can help during tax time
  • Supports LOCAL programs
  • ​Raises awareness around LOCAL issues

Let's face it, here in Bothell we do pretty good, but there is always people who could use some help. We have listed some non-profits we have worked with in the past below:

If you would like to have your Bothell non-profit listed here or featured on the Bothell Blog, please contact us.

Featured Bothell Non-Profit: Northshore Schools Foundation

Bothell non profit, Northshore Schools Foundation is a great organization to work with!The community of Bothell in many ways comes together to help those in need. Bothell’s non-profit, Northshore Schools Foundation, has gone above and beyond to provide funding for Bothell’s academic community. We urge you to help, Bothell’s non-profit, Northshore Schools Foundation in their hardworking journey in helping to achieve academic success in the Northshore School District by attending events, volunteering and donating your time.  The Northshore Schools Foundation will be working year-round and around the clock to help better the learning experience of all the schools in the district for both teachers and students and are excited to see what the community of Bothell can do to help this year!

Why do we love working with the Northshores School Foundation? There are many, but really, they are very, VERY easy to work with and will facilitate the entire process of working with a non-profit. Highly recommended and a GREAT LOCAL cause! Work with a great Bothell non-profit today!


Other great Bothell Non-Profits

Help our Woods: We are a grassroots environmental organization dedicated to preserving a forest in Bothell, WA.  The size and completeness of the forest benefits the Puget Sound ecological system. We are a dedicated group of volunteers attempting to improve water quality, air quality, and the overall quality of life along North Creek. Contact Help Our Woods

Northshore Girls Slowpitch Softball Association: THe NGSSA was founded in the Northshore Area near Seattle in 1971 by a group of volunteers with the vision to provide the opportunity for girls of all ages in our community to play and enjoy softball. NGSSA is still staffed by volunteers who enjoy working to continue this tradition.

Northshore Rotary Club: The Rotary Club of Northshore is one of over 32,000 Rotary Clubs in more than 200 countries.   It is a service organization made up of business and non-profit professionals in the Kenmore and Bothell communities.   Visit the Northshore Rotary Club website.

Whole Earth Montessori School: “Believing children to be the most valuable natural resource on Earth and the best hope for the realization of our vision, we will offer a prepared environment in which each child can grow in his or her own time and way toward their greatest potential; mentally, emotionally, socially, creatively and spiritually.” Whole Earth Montessori website.