Boeing Invading Bothell

Boeing is moving into Bothell. Taking lots of office space.

Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s, it’s Boeing.. and they are gobbling up office space in Bothell.

We have learned that Boeing has signed  leases for over 289,000 square feet of office space in Bothell. Where are these new Boeing offices going to be located? We don’t have the details, but we have heard that they have leased 4 buildings in Canyon Park, east of 405 and between 522 and 527. To me, that says the office parks in Northcreek.  Apparently, Boeing has recently leased some office space in Northcreek on Monte Villa Parkway.

Why is Boeing looking for office space? Well they have been looking for many months now and the reason is the new 777X. Apparently Everett is tearing down some of the buildings at the plant to make room for the 777X wing assembly lines.

The new Boeing Bothell office space is being set aside for the engineers that are being misplaced when their current office buildings are being demolished. We are not sure how many staff will be relocating to the Bothell but with that much square feet being allocated, there must be quite a few Boeing folks coming into the area.

This new lease agreement with Boeing also brings Bothell’s submarket vacancy rate below 10%.... not bad. Businesses are moving into Bothell and that’s a good thing.

What does that mean for Bothell? Well first and foremost, it means more business. The more people rolling through Bothell the more potential services and goods we can sell them. It means more tax revenue for the city, and it means growth…  it also means more traffic. Great. 



Tickled Pink is Looking for a New Owner

Tickled Pink Bothell selling. Turn key business.Looks like one of Bothell's fasted growing kids businesses is looking to sell while it is on the up swing. Tickled Pink Girls Spa is for sale. Our offices are right next door, and these guys are busy EVERY weekend! (... yes it is sad we work on the weekend) It's a great place for the birthday girl and is a complete over-the-top experience she will never forget.

Here is a message from Jamie, the owner: "It's been an amazing couple of years with Tickled Pink. As a mom, wife and owner of another small business, I decided I need to balance my life and let something go. Tickled Pink has been more successful than We could've imagined. We have decided to sell Tickled Pink; We are looking for someone that can put their heart, time and energy into it. Please pass this on to anyone you know that may be looking to own their own turnkey business. We will be booking parties and staying open until we find the perfect fit."

Please contact Jamie via their website at:




Bothell High School at National Concert Band Festival!

It is awesome to see Bothell High playing on a national level! Congratulations to Bothell High School's Wind Ensemble! The 52 students, directed by Mr. Philip Dean, performed at the National Concert Band Festival hosted by Music for All on March 8 in Indianapolis, IN. — at Schrott Center for the Arts, Butler University.

Bothell High School at the National Concert Band Festival





For more info, please contact Mr. Phil Dean


Shop Small, Shop Bothell.

Today is Small Business Saturday! It is our chance to support local Bothell small businesses by purchasing local. Every part of Bothell is loaded with great unique, one of a kind small businesses. From Thrashers Corner to Downtown Bothell, from Country Village to main street, there is something for everyone. Supporting local businesses, supports our Bothell community. There are a ton of great reasons why to buy locally here is Bothell on Small Business Saturday:

  • Shop local. Shop Bothell.A chilled out, laid back shopping experience. Totally different feel than Black Friday shopping.
  • Shopping local is better for the environment. Over 2/3 of the purchased goods come via cargo ships, which are a major pollutants. Buying local reduces the need of these ships. Also, you are driving less distances buying locally. 
  • It helps our local economy. Small businesses employ local Bothellites. Tax revenue stays here in Bothell which goes to helping Relax and check off items on our shopping list while supporting local businesses!
  • Unique, one of a kind gifts. Each local shop owner has their own sense of style and choice of inventory. When shopping local, you will find unique, one of a kind gifts that will be appreciated more.

There is no reason to leave Bothell when looking for you next gift. Whether you are shopping for the under 12 youngster, antique buff, sweet tooth, bookworm, or home decor goddess, Bothell has it all. So get out there and support local Bothell Businesses.





Local Bothell Girl Collecting Cans for a Scholarship Needs Your Help!

Maddy Dalgarn is a University of Washington-Bothell student striving to make a change for the endangered marine mammals and sea turtles in our oceans. She has grown up in Bothell, graduated Bothell High School and currently works as a Barista at the Village Bean in Country Village. When she is not studying towards a degree in Biology, she enjoys spending time with her horse or going for long walks with her dogs along the Burke-Gilman trail.  

Maddy Val from Bothell is raising money to help animals.From a young age Maddy has always had a strong passion for the well being of animals. During a family trip to Hawaii, Maddy fell in love with the sea turtles grace and beauty. She visited the Maui Ocean center and learned about their danger of extinction. She wants to bring awareness to the public about how to help and conserve these beautiful creatures. Maddy has the opportunity to go to New York and work with the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation to help rehabilitate marine mammals and sea turtles. The winter is the busiest time of the year in that area, because the Foundation brings in cold stunned Sea Turtles to help nurse back to health and release in the early summer.  While there Maddy will be responsible for the care of all in house animals and will help with the rescue and release of seals, dolphins and sea turtles.

In order to accomplish this goal Maddy is participating in a scholarship contest through to collect cans to recycle. Every 50 cans she collects give her one more entry in a drawing to win $4000, that will go towards housing for six months in New York. Please drop off any aluminum cans or direct donations at the Village Bean in Country Village by December 12th. Thank you for your support!

You can find out more about the Riverhead Foundation at



Join with Keepsake Cottage and Sew Pillowcases for Sick Kids

Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell Washington.On November 17, Bothell's favorite fabric store, Keepsake Cottage is hosting a ConKerr Cancer sewing event from 11am-5pm to benefit kids that have Cancer and other life threatening diseases. Keepsake Cottage Fabrics has already donated a sizable amount of funds to the organization, now they are going to "sew for the cause". Each year 44,000 children across North America are treated for cancer while thousands more experience life-changing illnesses and injuries. A hospital stay is a frightening experience for adults, and even more so for young children. Beyond the obvious medical fears and difficulties, a sterile hospital room lacks the comfort and warmth of home.

Keepsake Cottage in Bothell supports ConKerr Cancer, a movement to sew pillowcases for sick kidsThousands of ConKerr Cancer volunteers in 120 cities dedicate themselves to brightening these children’s lives through the simple act of sewing a bright, cheery pillowcase. As a result of their love and generosity, ConKerr Cancer has delivered more than 670,000 pillowcases in just six years to 250 hospitals throughout the country, creating ‘miles of pillowcase smiles’ for the children and their parents. In addition, ConKerr volunteers visit hospitals to sew with the children, breaking up the monotony of long, frightening hospital stays.

Come out and join your fellow Bothell sewers and spend some time supporting a great cause. The event will be held in the Keepsake Cottage workshop, which is located in the rear of Country Village Shops.

Connect with Keepsake Cottage on their Facebook page or give Julie's team a call at: (425) 486-3483






Bothell Music Boosters Fundraiser: Wine Tasting at Elevation Cellars Nov 22

The Bothell Music Boosters is having a fundraiser Wine Tasting at Elevation Cellars on November 22nd! Come out to support local music education!

Meet your friends, family, neighbors, etc. at Elevation Cellars in Woodinville and be sure to mention BHS Music Boosters!

Elevation Cellars in Woodinville supports the Bothell Music Boosters- $10 tasting fee for 6 Award winning Washington State wines
- Tasting fee applied towards bottle purchase
- 30% of all bottle purchases donated to BHS Music Boosters

Thanks for your support of BHS Music program! Adults only, please.

Questions? Send an email to




Bothell Non-Profit Helping Local Authors Publish Their Own Work

northwest bookfest 2013 is a Bothell non-profit that has an event in Kirkland WashingtonBothell has a number of great non-profits (if you have one you would like featured, please contact us). One Bothell non-profit is the Northwest Bookfest.The non-profit is focused on a few things. Helping authors navigate throught he publishing landscape and providing a public facing element where the public can interact with their favorite local authors.

Lost Cat in Bothell: Help find Galute!

Another lost cat in Bothell! We received an email this evening from a Bothell resident who lost their cat, here are the details from the blog reader:

"Family Cat lost during storm Friday 9/28 Male grey tabby 12 years old medium size. Recent neck surgery so shaved area under chin and hence no collar L Last seen at 188th and 92nd Ave NE (between Bothell High and Pop Kenny field) His name is Galute he is friendly and vocal! Please call 425-487-3979.  Thank you."

Galute is a lost cat in Bothell



Pirate Day 2013 at Country Village

Pirate Day 2013 in Bothell's Country Village ShopsAhoy all ye pirates! Strap on ye boots, board ye ships, 'n head on over to Bothell’s Country Village fer an excitin' scurvy Pirate Day. All be welcome to dress up in their best scurvy pirate costume 'n prepare to be set out on a voyage. All band 'o pirates gunna receive a treasure map filled wit' clues to help them find their hidden treasure! th' scurvy pirate lovely booty gunna be at participatin' shops throughout th' country village.

Th' adventure starts at noon, Saturday, SeptembARrrrr 14th 2013 'n ends at 4:00 PM. At th' halfway point, 2PM, thar gunna be an appearance by Zero & Somebuddy who gunna be entertainin' th' crowd wit' a scurvy pirate puppet show.

Ye gunna also be able to spy wit' ye eye th' band 'o pirates 'o Treasure Island roamin' Bothell 'n plunderin' country village in their best scurvy pirate costumes from 12-3PM. So come on out 'n show th' seven seas that thar be band 'o pirates alive 'n well in Bothell 'n if ye dare come to seek a ruckas 'n adventure 'n heartly enjoy th' entertainment!


Bothell Country Village Shops Pirate Day 2013





Keep Clam Bothell: Ivars Opening SOON!

Can you smell it? If you can’t smell it now, you will pretty soon! After more than three years Ivars is returning to Bothell! In 2009 Ivars was closed due to construction and rebuilding in the area and now they are back and will have their Grand Opening this August! Their classic menu features new entrees such as the Grilled Salmon BLT, Grilled Fish Tacos, Soba Noodle and Tiger Prawns Salad. In addition to the new entrees, Ivars will have a hand-tossed salad and sandwich station, freshly baked bread, and you can enjoy their famous chowder and soup station!

Ivars in Bothell is coming soon. Ivars in the new Safeway parking lot.The Ivars in Bothell is located in the Lakeside Canyon Creek Shopping Center, 24016 Bothell-Everett Highway. The fresh fish that reflects the Pacific Ocean, the areas around Alaska, and our very own Puget Sound is finally in reach again for Bothell residents and surrounding areas. This Bothell Ivars location is proud to be able to have outdoor seating with umbrellas for rain or shine, and year-round enjoyment of the freshest fish, famous fish and chips, soups, salads, and chowder.

Bothell is proud to be the home of Ivars 24thlocation and are anxiously awaiting the Grand Opening! Come out later this month and whenever you are craving Ivars to enjoy the local product served by great people. For more information on events and updates be sure to follow Ivars on facebook.

The 522 Mess: Poor Bothell

Red and orange, those two colors blind 522 and downtown Bothell. The streets paved with orange cones, the sidewalks marked with orange detour signs, construction workers sporting orange vests directing traffic, and worst of all the red from the brake lights. What use to be a simple commute downtown has turned into tedious aggravation, testing the limit of patience a person can have. For nearly a month the Bothell Crossroads SR 522 Realignment has been underway and the detour routes are scheduled through mid October.

As of now only eastbound travel on Local Access Rd (formerly SR 522) is allowed and at the same time no westbound traffic is allowed through Bothell Way and Main St.  The crisscrossing traffic confusion has us all rubbing our heads determining when things will clear up and be stress free again. Believe it or not this is only phase II and phase III is just around the corner.

With gradual construction throughout the year, the mess on SR 522 and downtown Bothell is not projected to be finished until June 2014. Sadly it does not look like we have seen the worst of it. Phase II seems like just the beginning of an even bigger mess. Soon there will be transit relocations, sidewalk closures and of course more red and orange.

What matters most is when the construction comes to an end, hopefully by the projection date, this time next summer the roads will be more open, sidewalks safer, easier access to public transformation, and more room for downtown Bothell to grow. But, the very best part about construction is that it is temporary. Even though the congestion can get to your nerves, when you are sitting in your car watching the red lights in front of you, just think that this is for the better of the community.

For information on more projects around Bothell check out the City of Bothell’s Capital Improvements page.


Bothell Blues Festival 2013: A Day to Remember

Bothell Blues Festival 2013 crowdsBlues, Bothell, Beer, and BBQ! The Bothell Blues festival was fun, delicious, and enjoyable for people of all ages. The smell of BBQ from Carolina Smoke filled The Country Village and was a perfect compliment to the beautiful sunshine on Labor Day weekend. The beer garden was also a great compliment to the blues music and relaxing sounds of Eric Freeman, Palmer JCT, Stacy Jones Band, Chester Dennis Jones, and Wired. The beer was provided by Bothell’s own Foggy Noggin Brewing and was accompanied by Bothell’s Open Road Winery. The nice cool beverages under the hot sun were just one of many bright spots at the festival.

Bothell Blues Festival 2013 Help Our Woods non-profit

Looking around and witnessing young children, elderly couples, young couples, parents, grandparents, all dancing was a wonderful and heartwarming sight. One of the most talked about features in the park was the Porta-Lisa, which was sponsored by locally owned 411 Plumber. Between the blues, BBQ, and beer, there was a slight interruption, but it was for a good cause. Help Our Woods, which is a non-profit group of residents and businesses defending natural refuge in the heart of Bothell, took the stage to stress their concern about the increasing of development and the tearing down our local forests. They were one of many booths at the Bothell Blues Festival and if you missed their information on ways to help please click their link and find out how you can contribute!

By the end of the 9 hour Bothell Blues Festival, many left the Bothell’s Country Village with their clothes smelling like BBQ, a little tan, and humming a melody they have stuck in their head. Memories were created as we capped off our summer and look forward to next year!


An Afternoon to Remember Tea Shop: Opening August 27th in Country Village

As you may know, Washington is the home of Starbucks, and everyone else sees us as coffee drinkers. But, not everyone likes coffee. Often we are seeing people wake up, put water on the stove and listen for the screeching sound from their teakettle. If we are on the run, with no time to wait for our kettle, we then drive through coffee stands, Starbucks, or Tully’s for overpriced tea that can quickly drain the spare change from our pockets. For those of us that enjoy tea, whether it is for the morning boost, the afternoon comfort, or the nighttime remedy, you are in luck, especially for those who live in Bothell.

Bothell Tea Shop, An Afternoon to Remember is open in Bothell's Country Village Shops!An Afternoon to Remember: Fine Tea and Gifts is making their grand opening on August 27that the Country Village Shops in Bothell. This just might be ‘An Afternoon to Remember’ as you browse the shops 150 fine loose teas many unique to Amy, the owner herself. During the grand opening of Bothell’s newest teashop and the 10th anniversary of the store, you will be able to try some teas and sample a few goodies from her cookbook. If you find that you love the delicious goodies put out to sample, feel free to purchase her cookbook, teas, and other items on her online shop.

An Afternoon to Remember is a unique store and it will be hard to pass up an opportunity to stop in and look around, especially for the tea lovers in Bothell. The hardworking Amy keeps everything up to date for your convenience and has her own blog to let tea fanatics know about local events and happenings at An Afternoon to Remember. Be sure to sign up for her E-Zine for other updates and emails for easy access on the go.

We would love to see the Bothell community come out on August 27th at 11:30 to see the Bothell Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon to An Afternoon to Remember and celebrate their 10-year anniversary and grand opening with your family, friends, and the community!


New Bothell Apartments Offer a Great Lifestyle

Bailey Farm Apartments in Bothell WashingtonCould you hear the roar?!? August 15th, Bailey Farm Apartments opened their doors to the community of Bothell with an exciting Grand Opening Happy Hour! The new resident building offers a great location for those who love to get outdoors and not be surrounded by the crowd of the city or the quiet of the country. The environmental balance is only a minor perk to a new lifestyle that you can achieve. Bailey Farm Apartments offers one, two, and three bedrooms apartments with private patios or open views of Bothell. With the open space their apartments provide, they are pet friendly! With a small pet deposit/fee your pet can join you in this tranquil lifestyle. But even this is not the icing on the cake.

Bothell Apartment living. Bailey Apartments is a great place to One of the first things people ask and look for when they are moving into a new apartment complex are the amenities. Some of the amenities include a year-round hot tub, a yoga studio, fully equipped 1200 sq. ft. cabana (with complementary wi-fi), 24-hour fitness center, and an outdoor fireplace with plush seating. Being a resident at Bailey Farms Apartment will have you feeling like you are at an all-inclusive resort! But being located next to places like North Creek Park and Bothell’s Country Village will keep you moving around the fun city of Bothell.

Bailey Farm Apartments in Bothell Washington offer a great lifestyleWith everything said so far it might be easy to see how living in Bothell’s Bailey Farm Apartments could be great for being outdoors, swimming, being in the park, or barbequing on the patio. But the inside of the apartments matches the outdoor charm. Some of the indoor amenities include a shower with bench seating and open tub, a bathroom linen closet, halogen lighting under cabinets, a breakfast bar & flexible dining area, oversized cabinets, and Stainless Energy Star appliances. If you want to view Bailey Farm Apartments both inside and out, please check out their photos or stop by at our location!

For more information please feel free to contact:

Phone: 855.422.1710


New Pizza comes to Bothell: Zeeks Pizza

Driving around Canyon Park in Bothell today I noticed that Zeeks Pizza is moving in down by where Jalisco's is in that same little strip mall. Wow, we are totally stoked to have a Zeek's Pizza in Bothell. If you have never had a Zeek's pizza, you should, they are off the hook good. I thnk they put some kind of addictive chemical in their pizza dough that makes you crave it fort-nightly. It looks like it might be a franchise, which is still great. Zeek's already has 3 franchises up and running in Seattle area. They also mention delivery, which is one of the reasons I will be using them. No need to waste my time in traffic there on 228th. Once we get more details on the move down to Canyon Park, we will post it.

Until then, save your money cause you will want to spend it all on Pizza.



Summer Stroll Wine Walk at Country Village Shops: August 23rd

Bothell Event: Country Village Summer Wine WalkSummer is coming to an end so why not cool off with a glass of wine? The Country Village Presents: The Summer Stroll Wine Walk! Friday, August 23rd 6-9pm, The Country Village in Bothell will be featuring wine tasting from select Washington wineries. This is a 21 or older event and tickets are required. Tickets can be pre-purchased for $20 each or $25 at the door. The wines will be placed around The Country Village in individual shops so you can enjoy shopping, drinking, and socializing. All proceeds for this event will be benefiting The Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce. Participants are advised to ‘Bring Your Own Glass’ (BYOG)! But, there will be a limited supply of wine glasses for an additional $5.

Participating Country Village Shops and Select Wineries:

With 15 shops featuring 16 select Washington Wineries, we hope to see you there having a great time surrounded by great people. Remember that proceeds go to the Bothell Chamber of Commerce and most importantly BYOG- Bring Your Own Glass!

Friday August 23rd 6:00-9:00pm

For More information or questions please call us at (425) 485-4353


Iconic Bothell Restaurant Closing after 33 Years

Country Cafe in Bothell Closing its doors after 33 yearsBothell, Wa - Iconic Bothell business, Country Cafe closes their doors after 33 years of down home cooking. September 15th the Country Café in Bothell will be closing their doors and hang up their aprons.

Country Café, located in Bothell’s Country Village Shops, has been a breakfast destination for many local Bothellites for years. Known for their thick sliced bacon, homemade jam, freshly baked biscuits and large Country Scrambles, the Country Café has always focused on quality and quantity.

Back in the early days, the Café use to be open for dinner and served beer and wine. Darryl Sharpe has been working at the Country Café for 28 years and is sad to see the Café close its doors. He told the Bothell Blog: “You know, ever since the financial downturn, we really were never able to recover. Higher food costs, lower customer traffic and the large number of restaurants in Bothell were all factors. I did not want to sacrifice food quality or drastically raise our prices. Now with the year-long road construction on Bothell Everett Hwy, business will slow once again and we will not be able to weather that storm. So we thought that now would be a good time to close the café start a new chapter in our lives. It made financial sense.”

Darryl’s wife Carol works at the Café as well. “What I will miss most about the Café are the people, the regulars. Seeing them every day, seeing them grow, hearing their stories, seeing their kids grow-up… you get connected. I will miss that.”

We still have a few weeks with the Country Café so why not make an effort to come into the Café and enjoy the great food and service while you still can. Doors close for the last time end of day on September 15th. Darryl and Carol would love to see everyone and hear their stories people have about the Café .

The Sharpe Family would like to thank their customers for the years of support and wish them all the best. What will we miss? Sure, the thick sliced bacon and the freshly made biscuits but most of all we will miss the way the door squeaks when you walk into the Cafe on a cold morning, being personally greeted from the kitchen and the warm smiles you get day after day at the Country Café.


Keepsake Cottage to host Country Heritage Tour on August 27th!

One of Bothell's internationally known businesses, Keepsake Cottage, is being featured on one of the Country Heritage Tours visiting Seattle this year. The tour, which will bring some very enthusiastic  quilters from all over the area will arrive in Bothell's Country Village Shops on August 27th around 11am and will be visiting for an couple of hours.

Village Wines: Great Spot to Work and Gather in Woodinville

Village Wines in Woodinville Washington is a great place to drink coffee, wine and mooch off of wifi.
Working with small business clients, we often are on the road, or meeting people in places other than our Bothell office. When working with our Woodinville clients, we tend to head over there to Woodinville to do work and hang out. We found a cool little place (thanks Carmin) to work and enjoy everything from French pressed coffee to great local wines. Its called Village Wines. What we like about is is the laid back, wine crowd kind of feel that it has. We came in the morning and there were only a hand full of people there.. most of them having 1:1 meetings and the others on their laptops doing work. I could tell that the people on their laptops were all Microsoft employees, how? All of their laptops have similar features... anyhow, that is besides the point. 

The WiFi network and password is: RelentlessPublic Password: thevillage. If it has changed, just ask the Village Wines barista and they will be willing to tell you what it is.

What is really cool is their Tuscan Room. This meeting room can hold 50 people and has some great meeting room features: 58" Samsung Plasma monitor for vibrant presentations, complimentary wired or wi-fi FIOS internet (25MB/second), 25 concurrent laptop power connections and full 7.1 surround sound system. It is available to rent,Awesome.

Overall we loved the experience, and I think we have now found our new place in Bothell to hang out, work, eat, drink and BS, Village Wines.


$2.54 for a Tall Drip Coffee? Are You Kidding Me?

Perhaps I have just have had my head in the clouds, but when does a tall drip cost $2.54? Most of the time I come into Cafe Ladro in Bothell to get my double short Americano and do some early morning web work, blogs, SEO and other marketing stuff. I usually spend about $4 with tip for my Americano, which is a bit high I think, especially since it is just hot water and coffee grounds. Today I thought I would got the economy route and order a tall drip (with no room).

Lost Cat: "Snowshoe" type Siamese Cat


Bothell Lost Cat named Freedom. Please contact Bothell BlogOne of our Bothell Blog readers lost their cat who's name is Freedom. Freedom is a snowshoe type Siamese cat that is about 5 to 6 years old. He has medium to long hair. No collar, not sure if she is microchipped or not.  She is spayed.

Freedom was lost 12/30/2012 from 18916 36th Dr SE, Bothell Wa, 98021. Her owner Kriss misses Freedom very much and hopes one of her Bothell neighbors might have found her. 

If you have any information, please contact Kriss Erickson at:

Phone: (425) 265-9921






Knights of Columbus Leaving Bothell??

Knights of Columbus might be leaving Bothell Washington***UPDATE:We have heard from the Knights they are NOT leaving, just replacing some signage. ***

Today one of our readers mentioned that they heard that the Knights of Columbus were leaving Bothell and that their signs have been taken down. Has anyone heard any news on this? It would be to bad, the Knights of Columbus have been a part of Bothell for over 30 years. Wondering if there was a developer that had bought up that land or something.. there are so many developments that are popping up along the hill down on Bothell Everett Highway to downtown Bothell. Send us an email or use our CONTACT FORM.




Small Business Saturday! Support Local Bothell Businesses

Small Business Saturday in Bothell Washington
Today is Saturday November 24th, Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday was a movement started by American Express to help encourage small business shopping. Many of the small business owners in Bothell, Woodinville, Kirkland and Kenmore are hoping that we (the local consumer) make this day a great day of shopping. So whether you shop in Downtown Bothell, Canyon Park, Thrashers Corner or the Country Village, please make sure to dedicate at least a some of your shopping dollars to local businesses.

Supporting local business means supporting local communities.